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Default Thumbnail

To improve your video click-rate, you'll want to set an enticing thumbnail to display on your contacts' phones. MMS handsets seek to the very first frame of the video in order to determine what is displayed as a thumbnail for your contacts to click. Currently by default, will create a thumbnail by seeking to the 2nd second of your video, and setting that frame as the initial frame, so that videos that start with a fade-in will display something far more interesting than a blank black rectangle.

If this default thumbnail does not work for you, you can use the API to set a different thumbnail!

Open up your Swagger page

First, head over to the Full Suite > Hamburger Menu > Developer Tools.

Copy one of your API keys, head over to your Swagger page, and authorize it by pasting your API key into the org_token field

Locate the Media Bundle

Now back in Spark, each video you upload in the Media pane will turn into a collection of copies of that video, compressed to different sizes called a "Media Bundle." Before we can set the thumbnail for that video, we need to first locate the ID of the media bundle. This can be found in the URL of the Media Bundle (see image)

You can also locate the endpoint, GET /media_bundles, click "Try it out" and Execute to get a list of your videos.

Run the PUT call

Finally, we can run the PUT​ /media_bundles​/{mediaBundleId} call!

Type the ID of your video in the MediaBundleId field, then in the body, you can type:

{"posterFrameMillis": 3000}

The 3000 in the code above refers to to the 3rd second of the video (i.e., the 3000th millisecond). This PUT call will locate the video frame that displays from the 3-second timestamp of the video, extract that frame as an image, and concatenate it to the beginning of every video in the MediaBundle so that it will display it on the contacts' handsets.