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Requirements for Successful 10DLC Registration

10DLC Registration Requirements

1. Complete the 10DLC Registration Form

Your submission needs complete, accurate information, including:

  • Most recent Filing URL through FEC, State or Local filing entity (BOE, City/Count Clerk)

    • Filing must have active email address or phone number to receive CV pin

  • EIN

    • Accompanying information (i.e. address) must match EIN

    • If the organization is in the process of a name change, submit old EIN information

  • Sample text messages

    • Two messages, one must include a link

    • Opt out language

  • Use Case

    • What type of messaging will be sent over the course of texting program?

2. Update Website

Websites must meet carrier requirements to be approved. Websites must meet these requirements before we start second half of registration process

Collecting Phone Numbers

  • Opt-in Checkbox with the following opt-in disclaimer information

    • By providing your number you are opting into text messages from {organization}

      • Opt-out information (reply STOP to stop)

      • Customer care contact information (Reply HELP for help)

      • Message frequency (#msgs/mo, msg frequency varies, recurring messages, etc)

      • “Message and data rates may apply” disclosure

      • An opt-in checkbox must be present anywhere on the website that collects phone numbers (e.g., Homepage, Volunteer, Get Involved, Take Action, Contact Us, etc.)

Privacy Policy

  • The Privacy Policy is hyperlinked at the end of the opt-in checkbox agreement or at the footer of the website

  • The hyperlink routes website visitors to a separate page that displays the full Privacy Policy

  • The Private Policy must state that text message opt-in data will not be shared or sold to third parties

    • Sample language to ensure that consent is not shared is as follows, as approved by mobile carriers:

      • “Text messaging originator opt-in data and consent will not be shared with any third parties unless required by law”

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