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This quick overview will show you all the main, key features of the texting platform:

  • Uploading and tagging Contacts.

  • Provisioning new phone numbers (what we call Channels) for texting.

  • Inviting and managing Team Members.

  • Building a Library of common actions to speed up and standardize responses to inbound texts.

  • Creating a custom, trackable link that can be sent that will redirect to your website -- what we call a Smart Link.

  • Setting up Automations to handle automated replies to inbound keywords.

  • Sending a Broadcast text to your list.

  • Manage inbound replies and Conversations.

  • Build and send microapps that collect data via Prompt Exchange

  • Deploy custom configurations and integrations with our full suite of Developer Tools.

  • Integrate seamlessly with CRMs of your choice.