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"Try it out"

From here, you'll locate your desired API call, click "Try it out," and swap in the appropriate values to the fields.

Let's try a simple call: find the GET call for /team_members, click it to expand, and click "Try it out." By default, the fields are set to pull all of the first 20 agents on the team. You can widen this search by setting the max field to a higher number.

Clicking the "execute" button will do three things:

  1. Run the call once.

  2. Generate a curl, which can be copy-pasted into your terminal.

  3. Generate a request URL, which you can use in any application/environment that supports API calls.

The response body will default to JSON format. From there, you can access useful data, such as the teamMemberId number for each agent, which can be used to, say, automatically post whispers in every open conversation using the API.