Importing Contacts

Our contact import file takes the following form:

  • A required column titled "Phone"

  • An optional column titled "Name" that will be the full name of the contact

  • An option column titled "Tags" that will be a comma (or backslash) separated list of tags to be applied to each contact.

  • Option data fields that will be imported to the contact. These data fields can have any name you wish.

Name Fields

We expect the name field to be both first and last name. If your csv file has names as First and Last, please combine those fields into a single column using an Excel formula before importing, with the full name in the name field.

Data Fields

When importing contacts, data fields will augment in subsequent imports.

After the first and second import, the contact would now have both data fields attached to their record, both Data1 = Apple and Data2 = Banana.