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Tags are labels that are associated with contacts. They follow the contact around the platform and are generally visible any time a contact is presented.

Typically, tags are used to indicate a characteristic or category for the contact. Examples of tags include:

  • Donor

  • VIP

  • Volunteer

  • Staff

Some organizations also use tags to indicate the issues or subjects that are of interest to the contact:

  • Climate

  • 2nd Amendment

  • Budget

  • etc.

Tags can be used for segmentation and targeting of broadcasts. For instance you could target every contact tagged as VIP that is also tagged CLIMATE and send them a text.

Creating a Tag

To create a Tag:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Contacts.

  2. Select the Tags tab.

  3. Select Create Tag button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Editing the Tag

Give the Tag a name. Optionally, attach a note to the Tag. The note will be displayed when a user hovers over the Tag.