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How are my bills calculated? calculates your bill based on usage. Usage is determined in what is known as UTC time -- Coordinated Universal Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). UTC is 7 hours ahead of U.S. Pacific Standard Time and 8 hours ahead of U.S. Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

A typical plan will include charges for SMS. For most plans, an SMS charge will be made for messages that are 1-2 segments in length. Excess segments will incur a separate fee. MMS messages are simply charged the negotiated MMS rate -- no separate or excess segment fees are charged. Rates will vary for inbound and outbound traffic.

Other charges that may appear on your bill include:

  • Carrier Lookups

  • Channels

  • Campaign Registry Fees

  • Campaign Verify Fees

  • Network Access Fees

If you have questions about your bill, please contact Customer Success for more details.