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Carrier Availability and Message Delivery Delays is constantly monitoring for these sorts of problems through our carrier relations, status pages, and our upstream providers.

Please understand that in these rare circumstances, these are industry-wide issues beyond the scope of our control. Every texting vendor will be experiencing the same exact delays and issues.

In the event of carrier-related issues, will update our status page with relevant information. Please consider subscribing to these updates via email.

Action Items


How long do these events last?
In the past, events of this nature have lasted 1-3 hours.

How long is message delivery delayed?
In the past, events of this nature have led to delays in delivery from just a few minutes to several hours.

Will my messages fail?
In the past, most messages are simply delayed in delivery and do not error out. In some rare circumstances, the messages have failed.

Is there a way to cancel messages that have already been sent but haven't been delivered?
No, unfortunately, that is not possible. Once transmits a text to our upstream partners, there is no pathway to cancel a message.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please contact customer support.