April 25 2022 -- Major Relase

This is a major release offering brand new, mission critical functionality for our customers. New features include:

  • Broadcast: Estimated Delivery Time

  • Broadcast: Carrier Rejection Monitoring

  • Broadcast: Test Message

  • Broadcast: Message Editing

  • Organization: Pausing Outbound Messaging

  • Contacts: Default Data Field Values

  • Team Member: Notifications

Broadcast: Estimated Delivery Time

When creating a new broadcast, the platform will give an estimate for the amount of time it will take to deliver the texts to all contacts. This is an estimate only and actual results may vary significantly. The factors that are taken into account include:

  • Number of contacts

  • Message type (SMS, MMS)

  • Number of segments for SMS messages

  • Number of channels used

  • Throughput limitations as imposed by Campaign Registry (for 10DLC)

  • Overall server load